Social Media Strategy for Sydney CBD Shopping Centre

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World Square is premier shopping centre in Sydney CBD at a crossroad of global cultures. It is a must-do experience in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and a prime location not only just for shopping but as part of City of Sydney’s wider events. Brandalism was tasked with creating a social media strategy that brought in-centre events to life as well as creating exciting high-energy visual content that promoted in-centre activities. We strategically used across social channels to create buzz across the city in order to increase foot traffic and business.

What we did

Our social media strategy for World Square focused on high-quality, high-energy photo and video shoots for the retail centre that supported events and in-store activities. We brought the centre to life in a way that would resonate with the multicultural youthful audience that was attracted to the inner-city location. We also strategised the best way to produce content in terms of fast-turnaround of events and logistical changes. This meant a channel strategy ensuring the most immediate social and digital platforms were covered. Stylistically the brief was to create a sense of movement and buzz. 

World Square – Social Media Strategy
World Square – Social Media Strategy


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