A Paid Social Media Strategy selling travel packages within a matter of weeks

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Our brief was to develop a Paid Social Media Strategy that helped Skimax drive sales of their Queenstown packages for 2021 ski season – the first travel push since COVID hit. Skimax’s objective was to use social media to position Queenstown as the home of adventure and drive people to book for future travel. We were tracked with focusing on professionals, ski enthusiasts and soft adventure seekers – especially those with a pent us desire to travel.

What we did

Our Paid Social Media Strategy approach was tactical and once the trans-Tasman bubble opened, our organic in-feed content and paid ads went live – both driving people to book. Dispute our key objective to sell Skimax stay and ski packages, we were sensitive to lower consumer confidence and supported this sentiment with emotional cues and their 100% Refund Guarantee. It worked exceptionally well and we sold out of their Queenstown packages within a matter of weeks.

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Skimax – Paid Social Media Strategy
Skimax – Paid Social Media Strategy

“Working with Brandalism is an extension of our marketing team, with the professionalism, expertise, knowledge and passion to make sure we all succeed. You’re not hiring a company short-term to grow certain aspects of your business/branding, you’re bringing a partner in that will have as much invested in your success as you do. During the pandemic, while the borders were closed, Tracy, Paris and team helped us pivot our strategy to “domestic” market to get us through the rough times, with the success of the campaign, we hope to have them as a partner for a long time.”

Casandra Foister - VP Skimax

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