Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA)

Content Strategy

Established in 1903, RAA is a heritage brand serving the motoring and insurance related needs of South Australians.


RAA reached out to Brandalism in order to collaborative on an in-depth conduct a content audit that spanned across the whole business. Based on the audit, Brandalism was asked to and develop an ongoing content strategy that would transform many aspects of RAA’s communication strategy, including shifting the focus from print to digital.

We worked intensely with several internal departments to ensure that all areas of the business were strategically considered.


Brandalism evaluated the business’ objectives by conducting exploration sessions with eight different departments, reviewing stakeholder reports, assessing costs of print to business and interviewing top-level members of management.

We evaluated audience needs by surveying members, and blind-surveying SA residents.

Based on this we created a content marketing strategy that guided the creation, delivery, and governance of content produced by RAA. It also aimed to guide RAA on the internal structure of the company to ensure the success of the strategy.



A strategic document that is now being utilised across the business.


Since the implementation of the digital content strategy, RAA has witnessed approximately 75% increase in the success of member offers thanks to integrated content marketing campaigns.


The social media marketing team have hit all their targets and came back to us to help them with stretch goals.


We were subsequently asked to create a brand guidelines / TOV document and migrate current content into a new platform.

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