Sports Marketing Strategy to Introduce the World's Greatest Soccer Team to Australia

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Real Madrid has one of the largest social media accounts on the planet with some of the world’s most dedicated fans. Brandalism’s task was to create a sports marketing strategy that would tap into this extraordinary fan base in order to generate awareness and ticket sales for the interactive pop-up museum “The World of Football”. The museum was constructed in Melbourne and was live for 12 weeks. Our time in market before this was just 8 weeks.

What we did

We divided our sports marketing strategy into specifics segments and timeframes, focusing on international fans, local fans and hyper-local families. Each one had a different run-home period, messaging and marketing strategy. We developed a content plan that created hype and alluded to features on order to drive intrigue. Our engagement strategy focused on developing content that was interactive and by tapping into the super fan’;s desire to show their fandom we created an incredible appetite for engagement and therefore organic growth. Once all this was in place, we drove fans to Ticketek to purchase.

successfully to the world's most stringent social account
followers in 8 weeks
Real Madrid World of Football – Sports Marketing
Real Madrid World of Football – Sports Marketing

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