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Prior to working with Brandalism, Nisbet’s marketing was predominately driven by catalogue distribution. As a result, the business leant heavily on their long-standing presence in market and their ability to compete on both price and product, they were yet to fully adopt a social media marketing strategy globally. Due to this, the choice was made – the Australian market would lead the way as a test case for the Nisbets global brand and Brandalism were tasked with developing and leading a B2B Content Strategy with a focus on creating first-class social media content complimented by a paid media strategy that led interest and drove sales. 

What we did

We developed a content strategy with the core objective being to grow social media to become a complimentary acquisition channel for the business. Our first focus of the strategy was to build awareness and overall brand value of Nisbets products in the Australian market by establishing an aspirational brand platform. This included producing high quality studio-shoot content and aligning to internal marketing promotions and sales objectives, which caught the attention of the target B2B audience which was hospitality owners. We then shifted gear to build the Nisbets Facebook shop to feature all their fast moving SKUs, leading social to be a fully integrated sales and marketing model for the business. 

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Nisbets – B2B Content Strategy
Nisbets – B2B Content Strategy

As a growing business, we have spent a lot of time getting to know agency partners before we partner with them. What stood out to us about Brandalism was their true passion and deep understanding of our business, categories and more importantly, our growth plans. The team at Brandalism were able to quickly digest our needs and were key in our successful social strategy launch earlier in 2021. They are a true addition to our team, easy to work with, collaborative, on time and always on budget. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Brandalism to any sized business that’s after confident and creative content and social marketing.

Stephanie Levy, Nisbets Head of Marketing

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