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Fiji Kava is a natural kava supplement farmed and produced in Fiji. The business launched in Australia in 2020 and engaged Brandalism to plan and execute a Social Media Content Strategy that would generate awareness with Australian consumers and educate the audience on what kava is and what it does. While kava is widely known in Australia, the association with “tea” is strong. Fiji Kava is a different type of kava – Noble is a high quality root that supports the nervous system. Brandalism’s mission was to overcome this barrier and drive interest using social media content.

What we did

Our social media content strategy was to develop clear communication pillars – we first focused on the efficacy of the product, the strength of the supply chain, the context of the usage (sports, sleep, relaxation) and the different behavioural aspects of the audience. For example – wellness vs anxiety. After this we established a paid media strategy that supported sales growth and drove traffic to site. This focused on personas and A/B tested persona responses. Our production standards are of studio shoot pharmaceutical content quality, which are done monthly to create a visual recall of product for customers in-store.

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Fiji Kava – Social Media Content
Fiji Kava – Social Media Content
Cynthia Lopez - eCommerce & Community Manager, Fiji Kava

The team at Brandalism is knowledgeable and committed to building an engaged and eye-catching social presence. They’ve curated beautifully branded content and delivered strong copy to explain the benefits of our products. I appreciated the thorough reporting and advice to develop a result-driven strategy. They are a pleasure to work with and come through to execute last-minute posts/announcements in a pinch.

Cynthia Lopez - eCommerce & Community Manager, Fiji Kava

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