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GWS Group challenged Brandalism to create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that created buzz and excitement around their youthful kitchen and bathroom brand – Clark. Focusing more on entry-level home owners and decorators, Clark products are usually a DIY’ers first foray into home design and can bring even the smallest space to life. We were tasked with capturing this market with stylish, fun and on-trend content in order to drive interest and sales without stepping on the toes of Caroma or any other GWS brands. Essentially – be unique and carve out a new brand for a new audience!

What we did

We created a Social Media Marketing strategy that focused on bringing Clark products to life in a way that visually captured attention, tied into pop culture trends and had fun with the audience while also providing enough information to educate and lead to a purchase. Some of our favourite content to date has been created for Clark – it is wildly adventurous and aesthetically stunning. As a result GWS weaved our work into the branding for the entire range and we created an engaged audience set that sits completely separately from the business’s other brands.

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Clark – Social Media Marketing
Clark – Social Media Marketing
Leonie Brickwood Marketing Manager, CLARK (GWA Group)

“Easy to work with, creative & collaborative! You continually deliver great content that is always bang on brand. It’s a pleasure to work with a team that just ‘get’ it!”

Leonie Brickwood Marketing Manager, CLARK (GWA Group)

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