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Bubs Australia is a baby food brand which focuses on quality, Australian-made ingredients and organic produce. They also specialize in goat milk, particularly for babies who cannot tolerate cow’s milk.


Bubs’ initial goal was to grow their social channels and eventually dominate the baby food space in Australia and beyond.

Their challenge has been not only to increase preference for their product, but also to increase preference for goat milk in general.


When we started, Bubs Australia had 3000 followers across just one channel, low brand awareness and a limited digital presence We created and implemented a Social Media and Content Strategy from scratch that aimed to grow brand awareness across the mummy space and create a supportive digital community through educational and inspiration content. Through our journey with Bubs, we navigated a complex and sensitive community management landscape and cultivated relationships with key Pediatric Nutritionists. Now Bubs have over 114K followers on social, making them the fastest growing brand in their competitive set for both Facebook and Instagram and engagement has increased by 1200%! They are now an ASX-listed company with an international presence.



Grew Facebook and Instagram audiences to a combined total of 114,000 followers from only 3,000 followers when we started.


We increased engagement by 1200% on the channels.


Bubs is the fastest-growing brand in the competitive set.


Bubs has the largest following in their competitive set on Instagram with the highest number of engagements.

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