Food Photography for Family Owned Aussie Meat Brand

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B.E. Campbell is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted family owned pork businesses. Bruemar is the company’s range of premium pork products and is stocked in various supermarkets across the country. BE Campbell approached Brandalism to help create high-quality Food Photography content that reflected the premium nature of the product and raise awareness across the consumer market of the Bruemar offering and range.

What we did

We developed a Food Photography production process that focused on creating a real kitchen environment, sourcing chefs and producing restaurant-grade food photography. We wanted to bring the ingredients to life in a way that felt achievable to the consumer but also inspirational. This meant a great deal of time logistically planning the shoots so we could prepare the food, garnish, style with kitchen props and then shoot in a way that brought the meals to life. The overarching look followed the brand – deep, premium, wholesome, warm and family-focused.

Bruemar – Food Photography
Bruemar – Food Photography


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