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Boost Lab were a new-to-market skincare product that needed support launching their brand into market with best-of-class beauty content creation. The beauty range is based around seven core skincare concerns and targeted towards the 25-35 year old demographic. They wanted our strategy to help position themselves as the ‘serum experts’, focusing on social media to do this. Our key objectives was to focus on top-quality beauty content to successfully launch the brand in market, drive brand awareness and set the brand up for sales.

What we did

As beauty content creation takes a fine eye and has a discerning audience, we developed an omni-channel strategy for the brand – kicking off with a Social Media Playbook to help establish their social look and positioning. The playbook guided how we spoke, why we spoke that way and kept all beauty content production and design focused on our strategic goals. Studio shoots where essential in the launch phase and as a result we launched ready and able to grow and drive engagement immediately.

1.2 million
targeted monthly
monthly clicks to purchase
follower conversion on giveaway campaign
2 million
monthly impressions
Boost Lab – Beauty Content Creation
Boost Lab – Beauty Content Creation
Craig Schweighoffer Owner - Boost Lab

“Brandalism and the entire team were true partners when it came to launching the Boost Lab business. We were targeting 25-35 year olds, so knew we needed a comprehensive strategy that focused on social media to cut through in such a competitive market. Brandalism was imperative in developing and executing a launch strategy that addressed both our business and audience needs. The team were brilliant and as an agency, they worked hand in hand with our complimentary partners to launch our brand successfully.”

Craig Schweighoffer Owner - Boost Lab

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