The ROI of Social Media

Leveraging a brand’s presence, its products, and its services are great sources for content and social media marketing. However, there is a resource within your organisation that is still untapped; your business leaders.

When marketing teams, business executives and the C-suite unite to develop their content and social media marketing, the entire business wins.


The question then is, how can you effectively leverage your C-suite?


This guide will give you tips from experts like Robert Rose, Carmen Michael, Lauren Adam, and Penny Wilson to help you get started on:

  1. Building an effective content strategy
  2. How to develop a social presence with big business impact
  3. Unlocking the value of social in the age of the individual
  4. Developing community rules to develop your social presence

The guide will also provide examples of how some of the executives around the world leverage social media to demonstrate thought leadership, build communities and create engagement that ultimately reflects positively on their company.


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