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Business tips, Content Marketing, Content Strategy by Tracy Fitzgerald

Content Marketing for Apps

Did you know that roughly 1 in 2 apps are deleted within 30 days of installing? And of this number, around 45% are deleted...
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Content Marketing, Social Media by Tracy Fitzgerald

Why understanding humour in content is vital for brands

An incredible report by Imgur and GWI was recently recently released (it can be found here) focusing on the foundation of internet culture and...
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Content Marketing, Uncategorized by Tracy Fitzgerald

The Psychology of Content Marketing

Want to know what sets apart two similar business models, with one being successful while the other flounders? Psychology at work. Good psychology strategies have...
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Social Media, Social Media Strategy by Chiara Belluomo

Why it pays to monitor and listen to your audience on social media

Social media has become such an essential tool for businesses to interact with their customers. And while you might like to think you’re engaging...
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Content Marketing by Robert Rose by Robert Rose

Relevance is Personal, Not Personalised – By Robert Rose

Let me ask you a question. What was the most relevant or personalised ad or email you’ve seen in the last week? How about...
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Content Marketing, Content Strategy by Paris Touma

Stop Putting Out Content For Content’s Sake – Doing Content Marketing Right

When wielded properly, content marketing is a powerful weapon. It engages potential customers. It converts them. It builds brand ambassadors over the long term....
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