Stay Social: October Social Media Updates

It’s time for our monthly roundup of all the top stories in social media marketing! Read on to find out about the latest trends and updates that are changing the social media sphere.

Facebook on Fake News

Amid a string of controversies surrounding potential fake news shared on its platform, Facebook has started to take action. The social media giant has started testing a new ‘context’ button that will appear next to links to articles.

This information button will provide further details on both the publisher of the article and the topic at hand. In doing so, they hope to provide users with the tools by which they can determine the veracity of the information they’re seeing.

From a branding perspective, this can help brands avoid sharing fake information, as well as holding them accountable to a higher standard within their own branded content and articles.

Instagram Lets You Vote and Shop

Instagram Stories are about to get a lot more interactive.

Instagram now allows you to include a two-question poll in any Story, which is a game changer for increasing your audience engagement and sentiment reporting.

Not only will brands be able to interact with customers, their customer’s votes and preference can be used a key insights and may even become essential to monthly reports.

We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Are you a fan of Instagram’s latest polling feature? Yes, or no? Source: Mashable

But after all that engaging, it’s time to shop – and with Instagram’s new Shopify integration, it’s all the easier to do just that.

With the new feature, partnered sellers can tag their posts with products, allowing users to discover more about them and potentially purchase them. All without leaving the comfort of the app.

Twitter Builds Some Character

In one of the biggest shakeups to hit the social media space in recent years, Twitter has doubled its character limit from 140 to 280.

While this may seem like a small detail, Twitter has stuck to its 140-character limit since its launch. However, this limit was originally just based on an SMS character limit, and with more links, media and discussion being shared on the platform, the expansion makes total sense.

While we’ll miss the days of trying to cram complex ideas into abbreviations and emojis, we’re excited to see how brands can stretch using all that extra space and whether they’ll use it to add more info or ask their audience questions and opinions.

What are you going to say with 140 extra characters?

YouTube Prefers its Partners

Moving forward, unless you’re a certified YouTube partner, your channel will no longer be able to link to external websites in video cards (links that pop up mid-stream).

While this is unlikely to affect bigger brands or creators, this could have a big impact on small businesses and smaller agencies. While the links can still be included in the video description, that’s far less impactful than a call to action in the middle of a video.

Moving forward, unless you’re a certified YouTube partner, your channel will no longer be able to link to external websites in video cards (links that pop up mid-stream).

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