Scyon Walls & Floors.

Developing a long-term content and social media strategy that engages a both B2B and B2C audience.

Social Media.

Before engaging Brandalism, Scyon Walls + Floors had no social media strategy in place and were keen to establish themselves online as a stylish and desirable building product. We created and managed Scyon’s social media channels with the intent of making them a ‘design hub,’ where builders and consumers alike could go to for inspiration and advice. We currently stand at over 25,000 organic followers across social.


We proposed a social media strategy that engaged a wider audience of builders, architects, designers and consumers through the production of high quality, inspiration design content. Showcasing the work of builders and designers aligned Scyon with industry professionals, giving them a voice of authority that in turn incited the trust of consumers. After this the consumer audience interest spiked.


Brandalism created an engaged Instagram following of nearly 20,000 people in under 12 months with no media spend. Scyon’s Pinterest page receives almost 200,000 views each month and their Houzz profile attracts reviews from some of the nation’s most respected builders and architects.