Monday Mashup: Digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week

Each Monday we bring you digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week. If you appreciate a good pre-meeting icebreaker, this is for you.

To keep you thinking

ABC journos arrested in Malaysia after questioning PM about shady payments 

Two ABC journalists in Malaysia were arrested and detained for six hours after trying to question Prime Minister Najib Razak over a $1.4 billion corruption scandal.

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13 cheap (or free) online classes you should take to boost your digital skills

The best way to learn anything nowadays? Online classes — they’re cheap (or completely free), and you can take them anytime, anywhere, and in any fashion you prefer. See, the future isn’t so bad after all.

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The fascinating way fashion bloggers edit their Instagrams

The always chic and selfie-ready Marianna Hewitt, of LifeWithMe.com, took to her blog to share a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating process behind editing her Instagram photos. If you thought throwing a Valencia filter on your photo was cutting it, you’ve been doing it wrong.

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Conversation starters

Barack Obama calls on digital media to find ways to help people re-engage with democracy

President Barack Obama has challenged tech entrepreneurs and digital media practitioners to work with government to solve issues facing society today.

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Controversial convos

Meet Saudi Arabia’s stars of social media

For a nation whose king calls himself “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques”, it’s probably not surprising that Saudi Arabia’s “superstars” of social media are clerics. Naturally, that fame does not come without controversy.

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