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We are Australia’s fastest growing content marketing agency, with a team at the forefront of global content and social media marketing trends. With strategy and your audience at the heart of everything we do, your brand is in safe hands with us.

Meet the team

Tracy has business in her blood. She was a founding member of King Content- Australia’s largest content marketing agency, and went on to found Brandalism in 2014, growing it to an AFR Top 100 business. Tracy also leads Brandalism’s content strategy outputs and has unmatched strategic experience in the Australian market. You are in very capable hands when she works on your brand.

Tracy Fitzgerald

Managing Director

A marketing all-rounder, Paris works across all of our client projects in order to ensure that objectives are being met and beaten. She builds and nurtures our client relationships, maximises efficiency within our team (and our strategies!) to generate revenue for all, and devises marketing strategies that encompass the unexpected to blitz business objectives.

Paris Touma

General Manager

Chiara is an expert at finding a brand’s story and creating a differentiating factor that immediately benefits and inspires the reader. Chiara works side by side with clients to make their content and social media strategies a success. She always has an eye on the next phase in content marketing and always aims to keep her clients at the forefront of innovation.

Chiara Belluomo

Content Marketing Manager

Laura is a content-all-rounder with a fine eye for cutting-edge content. Laura works across both B2B and B2C clients applying her skills and expertise tirelessly to ensure all Brandalism clients are not just meeting but beating their objectives.

Laura Barrington

Content Marketing Manager

Vinay uses his retail and tech sector marketing experience and his passion and breadth of knowledge to tackle any problem we throw in front of him. With wide-eyed enthusiasm, he never fails to brighten up the room with fresh and creative content solutions for our clients. You are in safe hands when Vinay works on your content marketing plan.

Vinay Tadepalli

Content Marketing Assistant

Luke is responsible for scoping and managing a vast array of social media projects for Brandalism’s clients. He has experience crafting huge social media campaigns, regularly scopes paid social strategies, and knows how to create social content that consistently engages. With the skills to understand your business objectives, as well as coming up with great content solutions, your social is sure to thrive with Luke.

Luke Jeffery

Social Media Manager


Taylor Barnes

Social Media Assistant


Alexandra Dien

Content Marketing Manager


Maeva Brownhall

Communications Assistant

Tracy was recognised as one of the top 100 most significant women in native advertising in 2018.

Tayler is Brandalism’s digital Swiss army knife, and our clients’ Brand custodian. She tackles every kind of design project that comes her way, while ensuring that the brand’s identity and key messages are never lost. From designing killer graphics and animations, to leading photoshoots- there is nothing the team throw at her that she can’t sculpt into something beautiful.

Tayler Goddard

Digital Design Assistant

Brandalism was recognised as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Australia in 2017.


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