16 Signs You’re a Content Strategist

As a content strategist, you’re a marketer, editor, content producer, writer, creative and analyst all bundled up into one neat package. And you’re nailing it. You think…

1. You looked at this title and thought ‘huh, Buzzfeed style’

17 signs that you're a content strategist

2.   The words “we’re targeting everyone” make you feel…


3.   You’ve given up trying to explain to your mates what you do

17 signs you’re a content strategist


4.   So you say you’re ‘just a writer’

Content strategist

5.   Yes, juuust like Carrie Bradshaw (sigh)


6.   When a client uses track changes to edit your copy…

Angry content strategist

7.   When someone asks you to explain how facebook works…

Content strategist owning it

8.   And when someone leaves a comment or shares one of your articles

17 signs you’re a content strategist


9. The word ‘ideation’ is your mortal enemy

Content strategist angry

10. You can produce content on almost any subject and nail some seriously niche business objectives

Content strategy - nailing it


11. You say you’re not a marketer but some days the lines are a little too blurred for your liking


12. You crusade for good writers and journalists to be paid what they deserve

 Content strategists - paying writers fairly

14. When someone asks you for ‘expert commentary’ you’re convinced you’ve officially made it


15. When the client approves all of your ideas in one swift email
 content strategist shocked
16. Which means only one thing – you’re done!

Tired - content strategy


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