We are a Sydney based
Content Marketing Agency which believes
good stories need telling.

About Us

We work with clients to produce content strategies that focus on both written and visual content across web and social media.

Brandalism is a content marketing and social media agency that focuses on the power of storytelling. We work with clients to create content strategies that truly resonate with their audience. Our team is split into Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing with fluidity between the two disciplines. We also work across native advertising, social media advertising, SEO and SEM and have a vast network of content producers.

The team at Brandalism are passionate and inquisitive, which can be seen in their approach to content strategy. We like to dig deep into industry and consumer insights and make suggestions based on digital trends, proven consumer actions and online psychology. Big fans of data, Brandalism believes that content fuelled by insight is unstoppable.

Our Vision

When a brand applies journalistic principles to online content it means moving away from sales messages and focusing on the stories that really matter to their audience.

Taking everything we know from content marketing and traditional publishing, Brandalism helps businesses create content that their readers crave to consume – content that both engages and achieves business objectives. Be it brand awareness, lead generation or driving direct sales, the content a business produces is essential to attaining these targets. 

To give our clients extra insight into the data side of content we have also partnered with several software services meaning we have capabilities in historical brand tracking, social listening and user generated community content.

Our Fantastic Team

Find out a bit more about us…

Tracy Fitzgerald

Managing Director

Tracy was the founding staff member of King Content – Australia’s largest content marketing agency – which she was pivotal in growing from just two people to just over 80. Tracy went on to found Brandalism in 2014 as she had a passion for content marketing and social media marketing led by the power of storytelling and data.

Tracy is a strategic content marketer with the experience to understand the fine relationship between audience psychology and business objectives.

Chiara Belluomo

Content Manager

Chiara is an expert at finding a brand’s story and creating a differentiating factor that immediately benefits and inspires the reader. She is a passionate content marketer and has been with Brandalism since the beginning.

Responsible for larger strategic content projects, Chiara works side by side with clients to make their content and social media strategies a success. She always has an eye on the next phase in content marketing and always aims to keep her clients at the forefront of innovation.

Laura Nordberg

Social Media Manager

Laura’s spent her entire career in the digital marketing space and has managed the social media presence of both large corporations and SMEs, including Shiseido, P&G Beauty, Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, OPI, Adidas and Bodycare.

In addition to social media, she’s experienced in content marketing, blogger outreach and e-commerce. She holds a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of London along with dozens of digital marketing certifications she accumulates in her free time.

Megan Andrew

Assistant Content Producer

Megan is responsible for daily engagement work across our social channels and managing Brandalism’s blog content. Writing is a true passion of hers, and she is currently attempting her first real foray into fiction writing.

With a background in advertising and freelance writing, Megan has developed a blend of unique skills with both an excellent capability to understand client’s business objective and needs, as well as coming up with great content solutions.